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Policy and General Information

• We accept cash, check and credit and paypal

• Please make sure that your pet is wearing a properly fitted collar and be on a leash or have them in a carrier for their safety.

• Please make sure your pet has been allowed to have a potty break prior to their grooming appointment.

Clean Up Fees: It is not the responsibility of this practice to walk your pet or to make sure that they have eliminated. We regularly have problems with pets that eliminate in the salon on a regular basis.

A $2.00 clean-up fee will be charged, per incident, so be sure your pet is exercised before the appointment

Pick Up:

• Due to our tight schedule of working with one family at a time if you arrive 15 minutes late for your appointment express groom can not be guaranteed.

• Pets are expected to be picked up promptly after being called unless arrangements are made in advance. Failure to pick up your pet will incur a $15 charge per 15 minutes beyond the first 30 minutes.

• Pets with fleas are given a flea bath and $40 will be added onto the grooming price.


A fee of $55.00 will be charged for all appointments cancelled without at least 24 hours notice. No future appointments will be honored until all fees are paid.

TOP NOTCH Pet Spa Client Grooming Agreement:

•Pet must be current on Vaccinations and Veterinarian Information: By signing this agreement, owners certify their pets are current on Rabies vaccination. Proof of Rabies Vaccination shall be provided to Top Notch Grooming upon request as well as current Veterinarian information.

• Aggressive or Difficult Pets: Pet owners must inform Top Notch Grooming if your pet(s) bite(s), has bitten or is aggressive to people or other pets, aggressive for specific grooming procedures and any other behavioral issues.

• Muzzles may be used if necessary. Muzzling is for the protection of your pet and the groomer. Top Notch Grooming reserves the right to refuse/stop services for aggressive and difficult pet(s) at any time before or during the grooming process, and charge a handling fee for aggressive dogs in addition to the regular grooming charge. If the pet should bite, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income, as well as equipment and property damage.

Medical Problems and Senior Pets: Pet owners must inform Top Notch Grooming if your pet is a senior and/or has a medical condition, illness or injury that could be aggravated or exacerbated by the grooming process so that the necessary precautions can be taken. The pet owner will be financially responsible for any veterinary care needed resulting from a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition.

Matted Pets and Matt Removal: Severely matted pets will be clipped short to spare them the pain of de-matting, a Matted Pet Fee will be added and the owner will be asked to sign this release as a matted coat can conceal injuries, irritation, parasite infestation and infection. The act of clipping the matted coat can lead to irritation or injury such as but not limited to: clipper irritation, nicks, cuts, abrasions, itchiness, and self inflicted injury. De-matting will only be performed on a minimally matted coat without stress and pain. Top Notch Grooming will not be responsible for irritation or injury caused by or associated with de-matting or removing a matted coat. The pet owner will be financially responsible for any veterinary care needed associated with the removal of a matted coat. Additional fees apply for de-matting services.  

Accidents: Accidents are not common. However, there is a very small amount of risk when working with a pet. Any incident, no matter how small will be communicated to the pet owner immediately. If necessary Top Notch Grooming

will transport your pet to a veterinarian. Any veterinary bills resulting from a pet being matted, elderly, aggressive, a difficult temperament or from a preexisting or unforeseeable condition will be the sole responsibility of the owner. Top Notch Grooming considers the safety of your pet the top priority.

Hold Harmless Agreement: By signing this contract you (or your Agent) agree to hold Top Notch Grooming harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the undersigned pet, either known or unknown to Top Notch Grooming . It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed contracts or releases. It is further understood this clause applies to any and all pets groomed.

Returned Checks: Returned check fee is $40.00. Photographs: Pets may be photographed and those photographs may be published online and used as advertisement

*All Prices given before the groom are an estimate. If your pet is difficult, aggressive, or matted the price may fluctuate accordingly.

This contract applies to all grooming appointments until further notice.