We are in the Salon Tuesday-Saturday. We are appointment based and do not have set hours. We have become extremely busy with all our wonderful clients. At this time we can only provide services for small dogs under 30lbs, Tuesday through Friday. 

The Groom Room


11 E Chestnut Hill Lane

Reisterstown, Md 21136


Top Notch Grooming is a small business that likes to offer a one on one grooming, this will work wonders for dogs or kitties who need extra attention for anxiety or nervous personality.  

We consider this to be our specialty; this includes a quiet, calm, soothing atmosphere for your pet. Everything we do is designed for your pets happiness and well being, and your peace of mind.

We work by appointment, before your pet is done we will give you a call to come get your furry family member, in the mean time they will receive hugs, kisses and treats! We love your pet the same as we love our own!!!

How We Determine Our Prices

Grooming services vary from breed to breed; coat to coat and style. Factors taken into consideration when pricing a pet are as follows:

  • Type of Coat, (drop, curly, double, flat, wire, etc.)
  • Condition of Coat at the time of grooming, (matted, corded, short, long)
  • Frequency of Grooming
  • Type of Style, (clip, hand scissor or blending)
  • Behavior
  • Size – This also means that your purebred should be within breed standards.
  • Special Needs, (geriatric, physical disabilities, puppy)

Also keep in mind that all dogs are not the same we offer one-on-one grooming for owners who may be apprehensive with leaving their pet for grooming. Call for more information.